Diamond Fancy Colors

Color Story

Swarovski Created Diamonds are rendered in 16 exuberant and extraordinary colors. Inspired by iconic moments in art, architecture, music, and fashion, each hue pays homage to a creative field integral to Swarovski’s history and legacy. From the ethereal blue sky found in a Cubist painting to the saturated pink of a couture gown, the colors of our lab-grown diamonds are derived from some of our world’s most enchanting man-made wonders.


Swarovski employs a process of irradiation to colorize our Lab-Created Color Diamonds, as only a few fancy colors can be obtained “as grown.” This irradiation is mainly done by electron treatment, wherein electron beams are passed through the stone. This process causes changes in the crystalline structure of our stones, producing an extraordinary palette of colors. This process leaves no residual radioactivity in the stones, and can be considered safe. This technique is also commonly used in the food industry.